Do you feel physical or mental tension?


Stress is different than anxiety or depression. We encounter different stressors almost daily, whether from work, family, school, or other areas. Too much stress or stress that is not well managed can affect both our physical and mental functioning. Learn more about our services to help alleviate unwanted stress. 

Untreated stress can lead to anxiety.


Are you feeling restless, trouble concentrating, rapid heart beats, fatigue, weakness, or excessive worry? You may be suffering from anxiety. If your anxiety is stopping you from what you want to do/achieve, you may benefit from exploring our anxiety treatment options.

Depression can be keeping you from feeling joy.


Everyone feels sad from time to time and is normal when we experience loss or hardships. Feelings of extreme sadness, helplessness, hopelessness, isolation, and worthlessness are just some of the signs of a more severe problem. If you are experiencing any of these then you may be dealing with depression. You do not need to suffer alone. 

There are many more symptoms and signs of mental illness.

Other Symptoms

Depression, anxiety, and stress are the more commonly discussed mental health issues, but there are many other areas we treat. If you are experiencing any symptom that is effecting your ability to function daily, it is an area worth exploring further. Click below to see other areas that we may be able to help you.

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