Neuropsychological & Psychological Evaluations

There Are Various Types Of Evaluations That We Offer

How Do I Know it is Time For An Evaluation?​

If you have never been formally diagnosed, if you want to seek the cause of your psychological discomfort, if you need to rule out a disorder, or have other mental health concerns, you may benefit from being evaluated. 

Types of Evaluations Offered

Neuropsychological Evaluation assesses both skills and abilities linked to brain function. The evaluation measures cognitive areas including: attention, problem solving, memory, language, intelligence functioning (or I.Q.), visual-spatial skills, academic skills, and social-emotional functioning.

Psychological Evaluation is like a physical for your brain. It focuses on utilizing testing and collected background to pinpoint and diagnosis any potential diagnoses or areas needed for further intervention.

A Psychoeducational Evaluation focuses on cognitive, emotional, and intellectual functioning as it relates to the academic setting. Utilizing comprehensive assessments and review of background records, our evaluations provide helpful information that can be used for specific academic accommodations to ensure you or your child is receiving the best services available to succeed.

I Have Some More Questions, Where Can I Get Answers?

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