Medical Clearance

Some Surgeries Require Prior Psychological Clearance, Our Office Can Help.

Medical/Surgical Clearances

Some surgical procedures require prior psychological/mental health clearances. These typically include spinal-stimulator procedures/implants and bariatric/weight loss surgery. 

Details for Medical Clearances

Spinal cord stimulation is a procedure that sends electrical signals to the spinal cord or other nerves to block the pain from reaching the brain. This procedure requires a Psychological Clearance prior to determine if there are any underlying mental health issues that need to be treated prior to the surgery. Our trained team of specialists will meet with you after reviewing your medical records and assess you in a timely fashion. A report will then be sent to your referring provider with any recommendations for your care. This clearance is covered by almost all major insurances.

Bariatric Surgery, also referred to as Weight Loss Surgery is another surgery/procedure that requires mental health clearance. An evaluation includes a thorough review of your history through a clinical interview along with some light testing to help our team determine if there any services that you may benefit from pre or post surgery. This helps the surgeon provide the best care for your before and after your surgery. This clearance is covered by almost all medical insurances.

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