Faith Based Services

Central Florida Psychological Partnering with Beth Knight Ministries

A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Wellness.

What are faith based services?

Our Spiritual Wellness programs are calming and stabilizing practices to help you contemplate and explore the meaning and possibilities of life, as well as work through a variety of life situations that you may encounter along the way. 

We offer individual and group spiritual services.

Types of Spiritual Services

Pastoral Counseling is offered with a faith based focus to address specific life issues, concerns, personal growth or a crisis that you may be facing.

This specialized counseling helps you work on thoughts, emotions and behaviors – offering prayerful support – to promote insights, wholeness and impact your life and relationships in order to live life more fully. This type of counseling also uses specialized psychotherapy such as narrative therapy to explore your past and how it has influenced the story of who you are today. The sacred dimension of human life, along with a goal-oriented and problem-solving nature, are the combined focus of this type of counseling. This counseling is inter-faith and non-denominational. These sessions are recommended twice monthly for one-hour sessions.

Spiritual Direction offerings are classic in that meetings are on-going guidance and support processes wherein meaning of life, purpose and hope are contemplated along with exploration of possibilities for spiritual well-being and wholeness.

Space is provided via Zoom or in person to be heard by a trusted and trained person, which offers invitation to deepen, discern and nurture one’s faith and unique spiritual path. Evocative and creative questions, wisdom inquiry, poetry, holy scripture, imaginative prayer and eco-spirituality can be tools offered by the director to the directee. The effects of this can be calming and grounding, as well as feeling more centered, fulfilled, and overall clarity. The spiritual direction session is not therapy or counseling. Rather it is a service of professional mentoring. It is recommended as once monthly and for one-hour. 

Spirituality & Aging is led by our Spiritual Director and Pastoral Counselor, Beth Knight, MAPC.

The group is facilitated through the model of Group Spiritual Direction. It is open to all ages, 18 and older, and meets twice monthly.

Spirituality is a core sense of meaning, purpose, hope and interconnectedness to the world and beyond. Whether one believes in a higher power, supernatural realm, is devoted to a single philosophy or set of beliefs, Spirituality is a very personal outlook that provides comfort and support through all stages and ages of life.  

At Central Florida Psychological Consultants, our Spirituality and Aging support group is a safe place for existential exploration of :

  • Why am I here?
  • What is my purpose?
  • How should I live my life?
  • What matters most?

Using a broad set of resources for group reading and reflection, the group processes insights and inspiration, while attuning to a deeper sense of clarity.

If you would like:

  •  to feel more grounded or oriented to navigating life with more inner strength, 
  •  to feel supported as you explore shifts and challenges in life, 
  •  to have a place to speak from your heart authentically about your philosophy or faith
  •  more time for reflection, sharing and listening to others
  •  to develop patience and calm

... then this group is for you. 

Beth Knight
MAPC Spiritual Director / Pastoral Counselor

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Beth Knight, MAPC
Spiritual Director/Pastoral Counselor

Beth Knight holds a master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary. She is a Commissioned Ecumenical Minister through Federation of Christian Ministries and a seasoned Spiritual Director of 17+ years. Beth received her Spiritual Director’s Certificate at Holy Spirit Center of Anchorage, AK (2005) and a Certificate in Supervision of Spiritual Directors through Audire’ School of Spiritual Direction(2019) in Orlando, FL. She also is a trained Chaplain via several units of CPE with both VITAS Hospice and Florida AdventHealth. Beth also is certified as a Conscious Aging ® facilitator through Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).

Beth is a contemplative and passionate about both one-to -one spiritual support processes as well as retreat/workshop ministry. She uses the affirming and transformational art of spiritual direction and eclectic pastoral counseling to encourage and support the positive health and identity of a person’s spirituality. Beth serves through the healing art of contemplative deep listening, evocative questions, discernment and reflective conversation. She has led ecumenical spiritual retreats for over 18 years, both in Alaska and Florida.

 Beth is affiliated and in good standing with the following professional and religious organizations: Spiritual Directors International (SDI); Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE); Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM); Shade and Fresh Water UMC- FL; Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS); Ministry of Spiritual Direction, a program of The Center for Formation in Pennsylvania; and Vestry member of St. Matthias Episcopal Church, Clermont, FL. 

 Having lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 19 years, Beth now lives in Clermont, FL, since 2010. Married to Gordon (37 years), they have one daughter (married), three grand-children (whom she adores) and one Labrador grand-dog. She loves spending time with family, outdoor walks, the smell of pine trees, butterflies, labyrinth prayer walking and circle gatherings with other spiritual kindreds.