Forensic Services

Civil, Criminal, Probate and Other Forensic Psychological Services Offered.

Forensic Services

We offer evaluations to directly assist the Court and your attorney. These services include, Parenting Evaluations, Psychosexual Evaluations, Competency Evaluations, Not Guilty Reason of Insanity (NGRI) Defense Evaluations, Mitigating Factor Evaluations, Guardianship Evaluations, Capacity Examinations, Immigration Evaluations, and other services that may be valuable in helping your case. 

Details of Forensic Services

We have both doctorate level psychologists and social workers available to serve as experts on guardianship committees. Guardianship Evaluations are needed when a loved one no longer has the cognitive abilities to make informed decisions on their own regarding person or property. We assist local attorneys and the Court in providing fast, competent, and helpful evaluations needed to begin and complete the guardianship process.

Dr. W. Steven Saunders is an Expert Witness in the State of Florida with over 20 years in the field of Forensic Psychology. Providing comprehensive, clear, and detailed evaluations to assist the Court in both criminal and civil cases. Our office works directly with the Court and other local attorneys to ensure our evaluations are tailored to your clients needs. We also work directly with clients who represent themselves. 

Also referred to as Psychological Evaluations with a Sexual-Component or Sex-Offender Risk Evaluations, these evaluations utilize psychometric testing to determine static and dynamic risks related to sexual recidivism. This means, how likely is an individual to re-offend in a sexual-related crime/offense. Our doctors utilize evidence-based instruments paired with background records and a thorough clinical interview together  to ensure all areas are assessed and and reported accordingly.

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